Promised Land

by Sharon Gesthalter

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released June 1, 2013

Written and Composed by Sharon Gesthalter
Produced and Arranged by Roy Dahan

Piano and Vocals: Sharon Gesthalter
Bass Guitar: Shai Barshishet
Drums: Ilan Tenennbaum
Electric Guitar: Gilad Meir
Cello: Eyal Yahav, Hila Epstein
Viola: Shir-Ran Yinon, Daniel Tanchelson
Violin: Keren Tannenbaum
Contrabass: Gilad Efrat
Trombone: Yair Slutzky
Trumpet: Arthur Krasnobaev
Synthesizer: Roy Dahan
Background Vocals: Roy Dahan, Nadav Barnea
Strings and Brass Arranged by Zach Drory
Graphic Design: Matan Shalita
Profile Photo: Anna Simkin

Recorded and Mixed at Tesha Studio, Tel Aviv, Israel
Recording Engineer: Eitan Baruch
Mixed by Avi Toledano
Mastered by Eric Conn, Independent Mastering, Nashville, TN (USA)



all rights reserved


Sharon Gesthalter Tel Aviv, Israel

Singer-Songwriter based in Tel Aviv and New York.

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Track Name: Wide Awake
Wide awake
There's no mistake
This bed is full of fear
Cannot touch
That would be too much
But how I want you near

Have you ever seen a bird fall right out of the sky
Do you think that says anything about you and I

There's no way
I could make you stay
Your words are made of steel
Thought I could light
Your wrongs with my right
Thought I could make you feel

Have you ever seen a bird in the sky
Track Name: Say I'm Your Girl
If I'd fly away
Would you ask me to stay
And say I'm your girl
If I said goodbye
Would you come up to the sky and fly
Fly away with me
Fly away from here

Smaller than a smile on an infant's face
Taller than a tale of knights and queens
Slower than a blade of grass growing towards the sun
I'll come to you

Say I'm your girl and I'll come to you
Fly away from here and I'll come to you
Track Name: Gone
Sometimes I linger in the longing for you
Sometimes I wonder if it ever was true
The scent of your cheek on a stranger's face
Sends me away to a desperate place

And then I am gone

I think of the days spent waiting for you
And all of the nights in search of a clue
The truth of it all rings loud and clear
Your voice echoes in me
You're not here

And then I am gone
Track Name: No One To Blame
No one to blame
Isn't that a shame
Only myself and I
Same old routine
Do you know what I mean
I wish I could learn to fly

'Cause I would soar through the air
On a wing and a prayer
Searching for some new me
By then I'd land in a spot
And like it or not
I'd be myself again
Track Name: Mild
Mild, you're mild
I hope you know
Can't live so slow
I need to run away from here
A thousand miles

Miles and miles
Running circles in my bed
A million thoughts are in my head
You're in my mind

Mind, my mind
It's playing games
Flashing frames from the time
When you were mine
But, you're not mine

The demon's out
He's out again
Chewing on my innocence
This innocence of mine

Mine, you're mine
You can go your own way
But you know you'll never get away
Because you're mild
Track Name: Who Knows
The words and notes meet up in my head
While my body lays still
I'm lost inside myself again
Who knows me

I met your eyes in the street
And tried them on for size
Just to see what I looked like
To someone who knows me

And through your eyes
I could clearly see
What you see of me
A shadow beneath your powerful spell
Do you know me

With hands gone numb
And eyes gone blind
I'm silent once again
It's all I can do to pull away from you
Did you see me
Did you hear me
Could you feel me as I am

And so our tango took its time
We danced in place each night
Swirling around to the beat of your drum
Did you love me

Your voice was sharp when you told me to go
As I revealed my pain
The light is on
It's over now that you know me
Who knows me as I am
Who knows who I am
Track Name: The Times
I'm letting go of the times
Of the places
We knew
I'm letting go of the times
Of the places
With you
I'm letting go
Of you

Something new
Me without you
Who know me
Who knew I'd want something new

Letting go
Letting in
Something new
Track Name: Lullaby of Silence
In the invisible days
My poison comes out to play
Scorching my skin
From within

In the monster nights
It tugs and it bites
Finally dozing off
To the lullaby of silence

In the invisible days
My poison comes out to play
Scorching my skin
From within
It's paper thin

It's all in my hands
But my hands are tied
It's all in my heart
But my heart is shut tight
Lullaby of silence
Make me sleep
Track Name: Waltz of Shame
My currency is confusion
I've spent it all in one place
It's brought me where I am today
You can see it on my face

My right hand builds a wall up
My left hand tears it down
It's been like this forever
No wonder I can't move on
It's time to move on

And the wind keeps blowing in my hair
And the birds keep singing in my ears
And the sun keeps rising every day
But I still remain
I am just the same
I am still the same

One step brings me closer
The second one takes me back
My feet are moving sideways
Dancing the waltz of shame
Track Name: Age of Me
Bicycle wheels spinning round and round
It's no wonder I can't get off the ground
Stand up to stop my fall
Speak up to shut my roar
Now watch me go

Fed up with all the waiting
Fear and hesitating
It's time I said to me
Be clear, be brave
And set me free

It's the age of me
Track Name: Great Expectations
Great expectations
Teach me how to live
Great expectations
Teach me how to give
Great expectations
Teach me how to give in and give up
And live up
To my great expectations
From my life

Can I do enough
And say enough
And be enough
To meet my own expectations
From my life
Track Name: Promised Land
Searching for a thumbs up
Never to be found
But only on the inside
So no one hears a sound

I've been waiting to be heard
I've been waiting to be served
I've been waiting to deserve the gems of me

The treasured parts of me in seams
No answers yet, it seems
All the yarn turning into threads
Spun around my truth to dare

Who's seen the better side of me
Who's seen what I refuse to see
Who's rooting for the me I long to be

But instead it's just that fist
I'm biting on my lips
To keep them from the flame
To keep them from the shame

I've been walking
I've been running
I've been running in the desert for forty years
I'm ready to enter the promised land